Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will Maggie be the Next Kat Von D?

Findurlove has always been a member of the elite scene of stardoll known for her kindness, elegance, and, in a way, innocence! Sweet as a flower, she has always been the glimmering gem of Dollywood, which is why her latest tweet was quite surprising for most stardollians.

She tweeted about her new tattoos! Not a cute little ankle or wrist tattoo. Both of her arms, covered in tattoos! And a new extreme grunge style to go with it. Many, inlcuding FFGossip, are shocked!

What's your take on Maggie's overnight change?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christina Rocks Menswear

Model sevillana94 recently posted a photo of herself onto instagram that got a lot of likes but a lot of hate comments. The hate comments were regarding the menswear. Menswear hasn't been in for quite a while, but Chris found a great way to make it work, and still looked gorgeous with trendy cheetah print skinnies that showed of her legs and, of course, heels. What's your take on her daring outfit?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

'The Stardoll Games' Premiere Red Carpet

Just recently was the premiere of 'The Stardoll Games', starring the overnight star LadyGagaMcqueen. A lot of trends have been showing and FFGossip loved the red carpet fashion!

Left to Right: Stars _StarHelen_, Leading Actress LadyGagaMcqueen,
and RockinEllee. We love Amanda's lace skirt showing the maxi skirt and lace
trend. Helen's  shows are t--die-for, and Elle's sweater is gorgeous!
Left to Right: Stars xxLovexx, Tapstar321, Ruubin. We love Kim's makeup,
especially the coral lips. Nicole goes bold with a bright red maxi, no top,
and a faux fur vest. Selena goes with a lacy black long piece. 
Left to Right: Liajm, Jelinna, Star_Awards. We love the trendsetter dress
Lia wore. So cute! The editor of Vogue Magazine, Jelinna, of course looked
elegant and timeless with an elegant dress and trendy neon pumps.
Vanessa goes with a minimalistic look, but pulls it off with on-trend
70's shades and black booties.

What are your favorite and least favorite looks from 'The Stardoll Games' Premiere? Comment below!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elle Opens Model-Exclusive Lounge in New Star City

"Us models are constantly running around trying to keep up with our busy schedules," RockinEllee tells FFGossip in her interview for FFGossip's exclusive sneak peak of her new Model-Exclusive Lounge. "And a majority of our friends are models...after all, after all the runway shows and fashion shoots, we aren't left with much time. So we make a lot of friends there. But in our downtime, why not have a place where we can meet and just hang out? 

My model-exclusive lounge is a getaway for models to take a breather. It'll have a spa for massages, facials to keep our faces photo-ready, and fad diet programs to keep us looking our best for the runways. And of course, it's a place for us to meet with modeling buddies from various gigs to catch up over a coffee and a conversation about the latest fashion party." 

FFGossip is so excited! The first lounge is set to be opened in New Star City August 15th, 2012. But according to Elle, Dollywood and Starwaii are soon to follow. Excited? We know we are!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Selena Goes Cruella!

 Ruubin has been spotted out multiple times with her Cruella Devil wannabe hair. In the true way of Lady Gaga, this girl has crossed the line of fashion and found herself over in the quirky but beautiful look of fashion art. Is this an everyday lifestyle change? Or have these past few weeks just been a phase for the young starlet? Here are some more of Selena's looks:

 FFGossip is inspired. What's your take on this bold diva's hair?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jelinna Takes Time Off of Vogue

Famous editor-in-cheif of Vogue Magazine, Jelinna, recently tweeted that she is on  vacation "getting away from the stress of a monthly magazine." As the founder of the only magazine that has published monthly instead of sporadically in over 2 years must take a toll. However, inside sources say there is nothing to worry about, Vogue will still be released on time. Let's hope!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gladis to Design McQueen Shoe Collection

DingyFeathers has been chosen to design a Summer shoe collection for Alexander McQueen. In a recent interview, Gladis gave Fresh Face Gossip an exclusive hint about the collection. "It's going to be a lot about pastels combined with abstract shapes. You think the previous McQueen shoes are bold? They're going up a notch!

Fresh Face can't wait to see the new collection, which will be showcased May 19th at the Stardoll Style Gallery in New Star City.

Chloe's True Identity Revealed

As I'm sure you've all heard (or read on MDM), I, Chloe Davis, am really Nicole Jones from the account you all remember, Tapstar321. After a lot of consideration, I've decided that the account I will be staying with is Tapstar321, although I am keeping almost all of the facial features of ChloeDavis/Rhfcjnrf (except for the lips/lipring...couldn't part with that).

Some claim they suspected, some are shocked, but it is what it is.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Models Fight Before Show!

Fresh Face models oOAudreyOo (left) and SeasonalHotbuys (right) were recently spotted by the paparazzi fist fighting backstage right before Versace's Fall 2012 runway show! The fight was over who was the more successful model. 

Speaking of which, I loved the show, especially the beauty featured in it. From the blue shaded eyeshadow to the brown blush to the pale lips to the wildly curly blond hair, it definitely made it's mark. 

So, to end this little spat, which one do you consider to be the more successful model? Comment below!

March Gets Robbed!

It's 3 AM in the morning. March83 is just arriving home after a long night partying alongside fellow models to her luxorious New Star City penthouse, when she sees that her designer glass vase is on the floor, in a million pieces, and the beautiful display of lillies down with it, staining her cowhide rug.

Knowing someone's broken in, she runs to the one place that she hopes hasn't been touched-her closet, only to see that all of her favorite pieces, including some valuable Limited Editions, have been stolen!

The police are still searching out her apartments to see who the criminal is. Any suspicions?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bruno, Where's KFW?

All of stardoll can't wait for Kharma Fashion Week. Its day filled with famous magazines, collections, and the likes...whats isn't there to be excited for? But there's one problem...Kharma Fashion Week never comes. The promised dates moved from January to late February and are now early March.

But wait...there's more!

Kharma Fashion WEEK has turned into Kharma Fashion DAY? No one likes the looks of this...will BrunoExclusive pull a Psychotic-Freak and not have KFW happen at all? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lulla96 Caught...Cheating?

Lulla96, Fashionman.'s girlfriend of over a year already, recently tweeted of a solo ski getaway to 'relax and get away from the stress of stardoll's social scene'. The paparazzi caught her getting close with one of the waitors at the ski resort's restaurant. Has Lulla96 been cheating on Eamonn?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vote! Which FW dominates? Kharma or TTT?

Unless you've been chilling at your beachouse the past few months without internet, I'm sure you know about this Winter's two biggest events:

With the original SFW MIA for nearly half a year now, many have abandoned hope of it's return. The result? Two fashion events that no one will want to miss! Both have amazing runways, magazines, and media, but which one do you think is the biggest fashion event of SD's Winter 2012?


Comment below with who you think will dominate!