Sunday, August 21, 2011

Patrick and Lindsey Hit the Gym

Friends Devie44 and LoveGossip4Ever may be busy with all their successful projects, but they still find time to stay fit. "Lots of stardoll celebrities have so many projects piled that they don't have time for fitness" Lindsey tells Fresh Face, "And the way they get slim is by going on unhealthy diets or eating disorders. Me and Pat want to look good the healthy way: with a balanced diet and lots of gym time!"


  1. Aw, thanks for adding me here, I've never been featured in a 'gossip' post before! Haha, one correction though, my username is LoveGossip4life, not gossipgirl4ever :P haha

  2. Anytime, doll! And sorry bout that, I got it fixed :)

  3. Hey I love basically all the posts!!!