Saturday, March 31, 2012

Models Fight Before Show!

Fresh Face models oOAudreyOo (left) and SeasonalHotbuys (right) were recently spotted by the paparazzi fist fighting backstage right before Versace's Fall 2012 runway show! The fight was over who was the more successful model. 

Speaking of which, I loved the show, especially the beauty featured in it. From the blue shaded eyeshadow to the brown blush to the pale lips to the wildly curly blond hair, it definitely made it's mark. 

So, to end this little spat, which one do you consider to be the more successful model? Comment below!

March Gets Robbed!

It's 3 AM in the morning. March83 is just arriving home after a long night partying alongside fellow models to her luxorious New Star City penthouse, when she sees that her designer glass vase is on the floor, in a million pieces, and the beautiful display of lillies down with it, staining her cowhide rug.

Knowing someone's broken in, she runs to the one place that she hopes hasn't been touched-her closet, only to see that all of her favorite pieces, including some valuable Limited Editions, have been stolen!

The police are still searching out her apartments to see who the criminal is. Any suspicions?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bruno, Where's KFW?

All of stardoll can't wait for Kharma Fashion Week. Its day filled with famous magazines, collections, and the likes...whats isn't there to be excited for? But there's one problem...Kharma Fashion Week never comes. The promised dates moved from January to late February and are now early March.

But wait...there's more!

Kharma Fashion WEEK has turned into Kharma Fashion DAY? No one likes the looks of this...will BrunoExclusive pull a Psychotic-Freak and not have KFW happen at all? Only time will tell.