Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jelinna Takes Time Off of Vogue

Famous editor-in-cheif of Vogue Magazine, Jelinna, recently tweeted that she is on  vacation "getting away from the stress of a monthly magazine." As the founder of the only magazine that has published monthly instead of sporadically in over 2 years must take a toll. However, inside sources say there is nothing to worry about, Vogue will still be released on time. Let's hope!


  1. Hey.
    What kind of nonsense? It's not true!

    I don't have twitter and I publish monthly issues of the magazine.. every month! -___-

    1. Don't worry! It's a fake gossip site.

      The disclaimer on the left sidebar of the blog states: Since stardoll is an online community, part of the gossip articles will have inaccurate, exaggerated, or false information, just like Bayas's Elite News and Amanda's 'Klaus Gossip' blog.

    2. & everyone knows its fake. I can delete the post if you would like.