Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elle Opens Model-Exclusive Lounge in New Star City

"Us models are constantly running around trying to keep up with our busy schedules," RockinEllee tells FFGossip in her interview for FFGossip's exclusive sneak peak of her new Model-Exclusive Lounge. "And a majority of our friends are models...after all, after all the runway shows and fashion shoots, we aren't left with much time. So we make a lot of friends there. But in our downtime, why not have a place where we can meet and just hang out? 

My model-exclusive lounge is a getaway for models to take a breather. It'll have a spa for massages, facials to keep our faces photo-ready, and fad diet programs to keep us looking our best for the runways. And of course, it's a place for us to meet with modeling buddies from various gigs to catch up over a coffee and a conversation about the latest fashion party." 

FFGossip is so excited! The first lounge is set to be opened in New Star City August 15th, 2012. But according to Elle, Dollywood and Starwaii are soon to follow. Excited? We know we are!

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