Friday, November 25, 2011

Interview: Chris on Moving To The City & Rising Fame

Sevillana94 has been rising as a model for the past few months, but it was her Posh Magazine cover that took her to the top of the model ladder. Fresh Face asks her about the rise to modeling glory and the move from a small town to the very New Star City.

A photo of Chris at the start of her career in her hometown.
How did you first land a modeling job?
"Connections. I had a friend refer me for this one designer and I became a model for their runway. From there, more and more designers started noticing me and it took off."

Do you believe that connections are needed to break into the  modeling industry?
"Either connections or luck. Or both. But also, to keep applying and applying. If you're model height, slim, and beautiful, that is."

How did it feel to be on the cover of Posh?
"Unreal! I've never even dreamed of being on such a big magazine. It was surreal. Now I see people on the street reading a's just weird."

So now you're moving to New Star City. What's it like coming from a small town into Stardoll's fashion capital?
"Exciting! There are some perks. I love all the clubs, all the places to see, the feel of a busy city. Any designer store I want, it's all there! But I really do miss all my friends and family at home. I miss how much nicer everyone is in a small town versus a big city. 

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